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medas04 - February 12

hello ladies...newbie here....i was preg in oct and had a miscarriage at the end of november and i am and dh want to conceive again and we want it reallly today.. we just found out his brother and his wife are preg and i just can't be happy for her i am insainly jealous....anyways..i have a few questions one about fertility blend....we are both taking them....for men and woman...has anyone else used it and if so how has it worked for you??? and my second question is i am currently using a saliva opk and i see the ferning from the time i O till the time i get AF does anyone else see the same thing?? i just ordered the ovulation sticks so i hope to learn a little more through that.......please help me out some......


medas04 - February 12



aish - February 12

i think u better buy opk sticks that r much better than saliva long ur ttc , i havent use fertility blend...... dont feel bad that u r not gett ing preg...soon as even i used to feel the same way and gets depressed doctor told me to yoga and put my mind somewhere....i know its vey difficult ....we all here in this board need baby so desprately....


medas04 - February 12

i have been ttc since july of 05...i just purchased some preseed and ovulation sticks online so hopefully those will help me out..i can't help but be depressed especially since my bil is expecting....


medas04 - February 15

af came today...another sad month...there's always next month right..anyone with any advice on when is the best time to try with an irregular af...she came late again....had real hopes


Dee - February 15

MedasO4 Do you know how long your Cycles are? Are they longer than 28 days? The reason I am asking is that you said late again maybe your cycle is just a little longer than it use to be. If so I think maybe you might be Oing later than you think.


medas04 - February 15

well they keep changing on me...i had af on nov 20th then dec 18 then again on jan 13th..i know it was only a few days late but usually it comes i need a little help here


medas04 - February 15

and i meant late again because last time i was late i was pg and mc so that 's why my hopes were up...



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