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kristina - June 17

i experianced some "spotting"...just when i wiped on the 13. i am currently on day 27 of a 36 day cycle. i took clomid days 5-9 and my nurse called today to say that it worked..i ovulated! well, is it too soon to test? when should i test?


Drew - June 17

Hey Kristina, that sounds like good news! The bleeding you experienced may have been implantation. But a test probably won't show much till the first day of your missed period though some say you can test up to four days before. Hope this is it for you!


Cutie - June 17

Kristina, you are most likely preggo... May God bless you... I think you should wait until the first day of a missed period too. :) good luck


kristina - June 17

i was also wondering...when will i notice any symptoms?


Drew - June 18

Kristina, its so different for everyone as to when you may have any signs. Some women have no symptoms at all through their pregnancy. I hope you get your bfp, and no symptoms! lol Good luck.... keep us posted!!



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