Please please PLEASE help!!!!!
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wrongway - February 25

I had been on birth control for 3 years before getting off in November. I would skip the placebos so I could skip my period. When I got off it took almost two months to get my period and then my second cycle was lke 36 days, and I do not think that I am ovulating. But if I wasn't ovulating, wouldn't I not get my period?My husband and I are both 19. I am fairly healthy and he is slightly less than. I am just so frustrated. I know it hasn't been a long time but I fell like since I am young I shouldn't have any problems, you know? I
hope I didn't screw with things by skipping the placebos, does that even affect things that much? We have unprotected sex every other day and often around my fertile period. Why am I not getting pregnant? Please help me wih any information you have. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


caribangell - February 26

wgy. are you seeing a Dr. for this? if not I world recommend that you have an HSG done to see if you have follicles wigh stimulates ovulation. you also mentioned that you were on birth control so give your body a little more time to adjust itself and try to have the HSG done to see were you are. AN HSG will detirmined if you have blocked tubes or if you have follices. and keep praying, ther is nothing impossible with GOD. i'll keep you in my prayers. keep me informed.



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