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wendy - January 9

i had a baby 4 years ago, and i have been trying for 15 months to have another one but nothing has happened. please give me info on how i could get preg again, or any tips on positions, what to drink haha, or anything!


Eve - January 10

Im currently tring sex every night or every other night taking folic acid eating vegtables cutting out coffee i quit smoking and reduced alchol this is my first serious month of trying last 4 months have been my week months now im doing everthing including using a saliva kit!! Good luck 2 us both xx


wendy - January 11

thank you so much! i will try all of this, if anyone has anything else please let me know!!


ali - January 14

First of all I went of the pill :) and i changed my diet slightly by drinking a least 2litres of water a day , eating more veg+fruit and seeds like pumpkin and sunflower seeds and it worked for me in 3 months. I know it's easier said then done, but I had no expectations and just relaxed about it all. I didn't even know i was pregnant until 7 1/2 weeks.
Try the seeds, I first heard it mentioned on a tv show I know don't believe everything you hear on tv, but anything is worth a try. Good Luck :)



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