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Atava - March 28

Just wanted to see if anyone had any success with fertility injections/IUI with several factors working against them. 1) my age 38. 2) surgery for endometriosis. 3) low sperm morphology 3%. I chose to wait to have biological children due to circumstances and I'm at a point where I feel my time is running out. Any advice or suggestions to increase our chances are extremely appreciated. ?


Tink - March 28

i wouldn't think your age and the surgery would affect it much. the low sperm morph could though. but IUI helps increase your chances. I had a lap for endo too- and actually it can help clear you out and improve fertility after the lap, so a lap is a great thing, not something against you. I did 4 IUIs, but none of them worked- we were unexplained. we finally moved on to IVF and it worked the first time. i would suggest discussing your plan with your DH and your RE and decide how many IUIs are you willing to do before considering IVF, especially if you are in a 'rush' and worried about your age. I wouldn't consider your age too old or anything though. IVF with ICSI would totally negate the low morph problem too- since they would manually inject the egg with the sperm for just remember that is an option after IUI. best of luck to you!!



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