please help with question on temps!!
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jcr - October 10

When do you ovulate, it is when the temps drop or go up??? many days after temp shift do you have sex?? Thanks


me - October 10

Some people get a one time drop in temp the day before ovulation, some don't. Your temp is supposed to stay up after ovulation due to the progesterone being secreted by the corpus luteum. Progesterone has a warming effect on the temp, so that is why it normally stays up. HOWEVER, I just went to my RE and he said that temping and OPKs are not accurate most of the time. The only way to confirm ovulation is if you get pregnant or via vaginal ultrasound. Just letting you know. I charted and tmeped for 8 months and he didn't even look at them :) Good luck!


Ericka - October 11

I have been temping for the last 4 months. You are suppose to bd the days leading up to your temp shift. Temping alone does not tell you when to bd, you should use other ways like opk's and checking your cm and cervical position. Once your temps rise at least .3 degrees and stay up for 3 consecutive days then you know you have ovulated. Good Luck


annette - October 11

Like Erica said, temping doesnt predict ovulation, it only confirms it after ovulation has happened. so temping CANNOT be used as a timing method for intercourse.u need to use opks to predict ovulation and theh bd on that day and the next 2 days. or till u see a rise in temps. Once temps have risen for 3 consecutive days, ovulation is confirmed. hoep this helps



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