Please help, very worried and unsure
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Clare L - December 7

Hi, had a period on 20th June 2004 and didn't have another one until 8th October (3 days after I went on holiday - typical). I then missed the next period but im usually irregular anyway but never this bad. I then thought I had come on on the 22nd November 2004 but it was just for one evening and was so light no protection was needed (also a pink/brown colour). My boyfriend and I are trying for a baby and with such an irregular cycle is it possible for me to be pregnant as my breasts are sore and I have and "egg white" like discharge. Would the timings be right? We have sex regularly so a definatte conception date would not be known. Thank you so much in advance, I hope someone can advise me as I'm scarred that i'll never get pregnant with my irregular periods (30-40 days on average prior to June 2004). Oh, my boyfirend also says he has a slightly lower than average sperm count but we have been trying for a year now).



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