Please help so sad!!!
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m - December 10

I ovulated on the 24 or 25th, I should have recieved AF on the 7th or 8th. I keep taking HPT and they are negative. I have extreme sore/swollen sore breasts, sick, tired and VERY mild cramping,but not even like menes cramping. What should I do, tommorrow I am 4 days late, I have never been this late. I dont even have ANY discharge at all with a cervical check (normally I do 2-3 days before AF) I am so depressed, DH and I have been TTC for 5 months now, what should I do? Has this happened to anybody else and ended up pregnant?


kc - December 10

You have all the symptoms for being pregnant. There are reasons why you are getting a neg. 1. you ovulated later that you thought. 2. the egg implanted later than anticipated, 3. you want a baby so badly your body is tricking you into thinking you are pregnant. Doesn't happen very often but it can happen. 4.ectopic or molar pregnancy. 3
& 4 would give low hcg levels which would take longer to register as a positive pg. I would go to the doc and get a blood test. This will determine the slightest amount of hcg in your system. A neg result would definately mean you are not. I hope this helps and please do not worry about 3 & 4. Most likely you ovulated later than you expected, give it a few more days and call the doc. Lots of baby dust.


. - December 10



m - December 10

I really believe I ovulated on the 24 or 25th, I had VERY strong cervical mucus signs, which was followed by dryness. All the others could be possible, about two days ago I had a very strange stretchy pain in my uterine area, it was like nothing I had ever felt, it lasted for about 10 minutes. I guess that could have been implantation, which could explain why I havent got a BFP yet. I heard some women do not get a BFP until 6 days after AF was expected. I just dont know what to think


kc - December 10

Boy the waiting game is horrible, believe me I know. I took 2 years for my first and so far 20 months for this one and I'm still waiting. You can either wait and test in 3 days or so or make an appt. with your ob for a blood test. Sorry I didn't have any better news. Lots of baby dust. I'm praying you get a bfp.


MuzikGurl - December 10

I read on here another girl didn't get a positive until she was 10 weeks...she had a previous child and the test came out postive like 2 weeks after implantation...and when she got pregnant again she kept getting neg. even the dr. told her that she wasn't....but she kept testing and she kept getting symptoms..and finally one day her dr. told her that he would test one more time cause she kept insisting she was pg. and found out she was pg. all along...I'm not saying that you could be but, there is always a chance anytime you bd. but, Kc, is right you could messed up on the timing...sometimes our minds aren't in tuned with our bodies...and then again you could be pregnant and if it's an ectopic or molar a hpt will not pick up on it and it will come out neg. that's when u need an ultrsound or sonogram. Then there is what I call a chemical pregnancy when your body thinks your pregnant and goes through all the symptoms but, doesn't create the hcg hormone that hpts pick up on to say you; your mind plays tricks on your body. But., if you're still not having af by the next time ur due and still not pos. pg test then go to the dr. good luck and baby dust!


m - December 11

Well I am 6 days late and still no af. My breasts are even more sore and swollen, I am sick, tired, and just feel yucky. If somebody has a molar or tubal pregnancy, your hormone levels would start out normal then either stop increasing or slow down. When I worked in the ER and a women would come in with AB pain or bleeding they would first run a HPT, and if that was positive they would do an ultra sound, if she was not pregnant they wouldnt. This is why many people do not even find out they have a tubal or molar pregnancy until about 2-3 months sometimes.


Rachel - December 14

I took a pregnancy test when 7 days late for a period and it came out negative. I was very disappointed but just got on and waited for the period to begin. I am used to getting late periods, so it wasnt a surprise, but the sore boobs, depression and tiredness made me take another test. At 14 days late for period I get a BFP. I was really shocked-I had frequent thought in previous months that I was pregnant, but when I actually was it turned out I wasnt. Sadly for me I had a miscarriage 1 week later, but the fact remains, I was pregnant and will be again soon! All the best, remember theres always next month!!


Mega - December 14

I agree with the poster that said to get a beta test done at your dr's office. Some pregnancies just don't seem to be picked up by HPTs. Good luck. I hope you get your BFP real soon. Hang in there!



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