Please help not sure how all this works
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am - February 4

Hi, Lately I have been feeling really weird. On the first of Jan I started an antibiotic (Keflex) and took for 10 days. My husband and I had sex about 2 times and the last 3 days I was on my period. about the last wk I have been extremely tired (can hardly function), nausea, cry very easily, some breast tenderness, and extremely hungry (eat and 5 min later hungry again). I took a preg test yesterday (Friday) and it was neg. but I am wondering if I am prego or if it is because I am really stressed right now. (school:() Please help


luve - February 6

dont over do it. you are stressing yourself out. just relax.....and dont think about it. the more you think about it...the worse it is. i am waiting to get blood work on i know how hard it is. Go to the dr. to get blood test...


star_4_baby - February 6

yes-i agree dont stress and go to a doc could be your harmones all going crazy or you never know....take care



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