Please Help me. Problem TTC
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kia20904 - January 11

hello, i had a abortion done when i was 16. i'm now 21 and me and my spouse have been TTC for a few months now and nothing has happened. Do you think that when i got the abortion it stopped me from having kids? i want a baby so bad. Is God punishing me? also what would the chances be of me conceiving if we have sex every other day?
Thank you all.


tk07 - January 11

hi! well, a few months of ttc is nothing to worry about. it can take healthy couples up to a year to concieve. do you have regular cycles? and do you know for sure when you ovulate? your timing might be off a little.


iampg - January 12

hi tk07, have you tested? kia20904 - i personally don't think an abortion would stop you from conceiving. sometimes we want to point to ourselves as having done something "bad" if it helps, i personally don't think there's a punishing god out there anyway - it was a story concocted a long time ago to keep willfull (naughty) simple minded people in place. if you are having sex every other day, your odds are really good to conceive any day now. good luck! no guilt about the past OK?


kia20904 - January 12

thank you Tk07 an iampg. my cycles are very wierd. sometimes they're 31 days and sometimes 35. i dont know when i ovulate. so i figured if we have sex every other day that there's a greater chance of me getting pregnant. Thank you guys for you're help.


slowpoke01 - January 13

kia your chances of conceiving every month wiht perfect timing are only like 25% and that is for any healthy, normal couple with no fertility issues. which isnt a whole lot. that is why docs say that they wont even think about fertility testing until you have been trying for a year. i think that your chances will be greatly improved if you have sex every other day for the whole month. i dont think that an abortion would have made you infertile, but stressing yourself out worrying that you caused harm may be causing more problems than you know. stress reeks havoc on trying to conceive. the best thing you can do is relax and dont blame yourself because the more you stress yourself out the worse it is when trying to conceive. good luck to you,


kristina1980 - January 13

Hi, my story might help you. I had an abortion 3 years ago. when me and my boyfriend (still the same guy) decided to concieve and I couldn't get pregnat within the first few months, I also thought God is punishing me. However, now I am 7 weeks pregnant, and happy like never before. It took us 6 months to get pregnant. And we got pregnant when I decided not to think about it anymore, because I was so frustrated. I just focused on my school, and just had regular sex, And it happend. Try to relax, don't stress about it too much. You are still young, as somebody mention above an average couple need 6-12 months to concieve. GOD is NOT punishing you. I am an example. Good luck.


newmommy - January 13

Kia, have you read "Taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni Weschler? I had heard great things about it, but didn't really want to read a whole book about charting, or to take the time to actually chart so for months I didn't do it. I finally got it when my Dr. told me to, and I'm SO glad I did. It tells you so many ways to read your body's signs that you are fertile, not just how to temp. chart. I still used the opk's (Clearblue Easy) and my monitor, but the other fertility signs gave me a better idea of when to test on the opk's. The temps really helped to show me that I did "o" because they stay high. You can look at my chart if you want. The book comes with a free trial cd for the software, and mine just expired. My temps have gone higher in the past few days. I test in another week, and if it's a BFN (hopefully not), I'll buy the software for next cycle. Anyway, here's the link to my chart: (If any - show up in the address, take them out, but leave the = and ?). Good Luck!!! I promise you will love this book!


kakshata - January 14

Hi I am in the same boat as u.abortion 2yrs back and to add to it ectopic 8 months back. still ttc. keep up ur faith and good luck to both of us.



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