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Kimberly - October 24


Hi. Please help me! I’m so worried. My husband I have been TTC for 4 years. Very low sperm count has been our problem. I’ve never used any med’s – we wanted it to be 100% natural. He started taking vitamin c & watching his diet & every month we just try… After let down & after let down – we called a halt to the TTC in August & have been trying to make sex fun again. We agreed to resume actively TTC after the holidays. Well. I just found out this morning that I’m PG! I should be so happy right now. My husband is! According to my charting I’m 10dpo… MY PROBLEM: We went out Saturday night with some old friends. We got to having a great time & I had 3 martinis & 2 shots. We ended off at a lounge where I had 2 more martinis…. I’m only 120lbs – so, I got drunk!! I rarely get drunk! I’d been feeling what I thought were my period symptoms for the past few days & quite frankly, after 4 years have gotten so used to not getting PG that I hadn’t though twice about it. We only had sex a handful of times last month. I only took a PG test this morning b/c it was the last one under the sink & I’m officially a day late. I about fell off the toilet when I saw the 2 lines!! Guess we hit the O by luck! DH was crying in joy with me – but I was crying in shame, joy & panic! I’m so worried that I may have harmed my baby! I called the clinic I go to & they told me over the phone not to worry that the placenta is so protected in the first stages… We go out 5-6 times a year & “party” if you will, like we are in our 20’s again. I think most people can relate to this. I feel HORRIBLE! Please share your thoughts. I cant stop crying long enough to be happy that our 4 years of TTC prayers were answered by god. Do you think I am / my baby is okay?


AnnaR. - October 24

Hey girl,
My son came out perfectly fine 9lbs 2oz healthy baby boy. I was 8 weeks when i found out i was pregnant and before knowing that my husband and i went to vegas and was drinking and partying like there was no tomorrow! From margiritas to tequila shots... Just to make sure just ask your doc. Congratulations, i can feel your happiness. AnnaR.ttc#2 for about 3 yrs. Your story just gave me more motivation...


mimi - October 24

my doctor told me when I freaked about the same thing that "If I had a dime for every baby I delivered that started out with some parties, I would not be doing what I am doing cuz I would be a millionair"


sc - October 24

hi kimberley. Please do not worry! I was around 8 wks pregnant with my first child before I knew I was pregnant. I got pregnant in early dec and didnt find out til late Jan so I had a lot of drink through the christmas period. The doc told me not to panic. it is worse to drink in the last trimester. With my second baby i had the odd glass of wine and I now have two healthy children. As long as you dont over-do it, now and again is ok. Hope this helps.


to kimberly - October 24

congrats frnd.. u r finally pregnant. i have no idea about alchol but u can ask ur doc about it on ur next visit.....


Kimberly - October 24

OMG - thank you so much! I am so happy to know that I'm not alone in this!! Thanks to you all! I can relax now! This is so surreal. I'm telling you ladies - 4 years!! Weve been married 9! Whew. I just made my first Dr's appt & am on cloud 9... If I could give any advice: To all of you - KEEP UP THE HOPE!! Miracles do happen!! & Any woman dealing with a low sperm count should swear by vitamin c. THANK YOU ALL - I AM SHARING MY BABYDUST!! & swearing off the alcohol - lol. THANKS again. I feel so much better :)


?? - October 24

I am and baby are fine. I did the same thing only smoked a llittle pot oot, which I have done maybe 2 times in my life and this happened to be one of them! My daughter is 2 and happy and healthy no problems. Relax, don't do it again and enjoy your pregnancy. AND most of all CONGRATS on your BFP!!!!!


?? - October 24

oops meant to say you and baby are fine and it was too not oot!!!!!


starr - October 24

i was the same way. so what they told me is don't worry about it and take your vitamins and don't drink good luck i'am happy for you


TCC in VA - October 25

What you did was not intentional, so please don't waste another precious day of your blessing stressing over it! Now that you know, you will do the right thing from now on! Have a wonderful pregnancy! I am so happy for you and your hubby. :)


Allie - October 27

Kim, my sister-in-law told me when she first got married and bought a house, she had friends over night and day and all they did was "party". She said she probably polished off a bottle of tequila among wine, etc.- not knowing she was pregnant the entire time (5 weeks). She was worried as well. That was 9 years ago and she now has a BRILLIANT 9 year old daughter. Don't worry. Just don't do it from here on out, but I'm sure you know that already!! Good luck and Congrats!!


michelle - October 27

that happens to many more women then you think. i drank plenty before i knew i was pregnant, and once i knew, stopped cold turkey, and my baby is 100% fine. drinking before you know you are pregnant, is extremely unlikely to cause any trouble. i have NEVER heard of any ill effects from it. just enjoy your pregnancy and don't do it again, ok? lol. glad you had a good night out, before you found out. a celebration before the good news. congratulations:) michelle



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