please help me?? no sympltoms of O anyone with same problem?
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Danika - December 7

hi guys i really need a quick reply or advice if anyone knows what i am going through? i have never really had regular cycles. i stopped taking bc pill 1 year ago. i concieved after 3 months. m/c at 14 weeks pg. after the m/c i had one normal period and then nothing for 4 months?? i have never had any syptoms of O, i cannot temp due to my job (shift work). i will probably have to resort to opks. my question is has anyone O without any signs, no cm changes?? advice needed!! ttc


bump it up - December 8



gigi - December 8

i usually do not have nay signs of ovulation. it is not equired to have all the signs of ovulation. some women feel the ovulation & some don't. talk to ur Dr if u think this is the reason u are having problems ttc. opk' are good many women have used them & were able to bd the right time. i hope this was helpful.


Karen - December 9

hi... I either haven't paid close enough attention in the past of I haven't been having any symptoms of O either. But, last cycle I noticed ovulation pains and changes in my cm. I haven't been able to get a positive on any OPKs, which is very frustrating. So I know what you're going through!


Sue - December 9

Hello, I am the same as you, irregular cycles, no noticable changes in my cm and like you I fell pregnant but mc'd at 13 weeks. I guess the good news is we have both fallen pregnant so we can't NOT be o'ing at all. I was using the opk's and was getting +'s each cycle but I ended up so tired and sick of them because some months I could test for up to 3 weeks. I have now stopped using them and have my 1st appointment with my ob/gyno on the 12th. Hope this helps.



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