PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Serious probs
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Amanda - May 9

My husband and I had some test done Friday and his sperm analyis came back and sd that he had an infection and a VERY low sperm count. Has any one experencied this and had it come out ok? I just need to know if this is something that can be taken care of or if we are never going to have chindren of or own.


Nena - May 10

My husband had a low sperm count as well STD infection but everything is ok now with proper treatment. First he should be treated for infection and than he should be treated for low sperm count. Don't worry even if its low, it's only a matter of one spermatozoid to go through in your ovaries. Good luck ****


Amanda - May 10

Some more input please. The infection is not a STD, will that matter?


Melissa - May 10

Amanada, haven't been in that situation, but your doctor should tell you the complications of the infection. If the low sperm count effects your chances of getting pregnant you can always consider IUI with his sperm and your egg.



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