PLEASE HELP ME ... I want a baby but I am NOT OVULATING
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andy - May 30

....After 8 months trying and one miscarriage I went today for an ultrasound to check if I´m ovulating ... (since today is cicle day 14 ) but aparently I´m not ovulating... I have to get some hormone test done but.....
I´m desperate.... WHY ME ??? is it normal???
Please let me know if this has happened to you ... thank you


snoopy - May 31

I am in the same boat. I just finished 2 rounds of clomid and still nothing. I go to my doc next week. We'll see what the next step is.


wannabeamom - May 31

andy, I am not ovulating either. i took clomid for 6 months unsuccessfully. I feel your pain.


lisa_sc - May 31

Hi andy. My Dh and I got pregnant 5 yrs ago which ended in a miscarriage. We have been trying since then. I finally went to the doctor the end of last year to get some test run and that turned out to be my problem also. I took Femara for two months and got pregnant. I am currently 11 weeks. It's possible, beleive me. Don't get discouraged and try not to stress about it, just relax and try to have fun each month, it makes a difference. Good luck to you and babydust!!!!!


mommy2josh - May 31

Hi andy, you will find that alot of the women here are suffering infertility due to anovulation. I conceived my son (now 4) naturally aftert 18 months of trying and on the month of conception I did not ovulate until day 19 or 20. If you are not on clomid dont be too upset hon, you may be ovulating later then the 14 day. I have now been ttc #2 for 24 month, 4 months on clomid with one pregnancy which ended in miscarriage. Are your periods regular? Good luck and baby dust.


andy - May 31

hi everyone ... thanks a lot for your words... its amazing to see that I´m not alone on this ... Yes , I have normal cicles ... I have my period at exactly 28 days after ... and I didn´t even know if I don´t ever ovulate ... or if this was a wierd month ...At least now I know that something is wrong and and not like other months that I just cried every time my period came and just thouth that it was my bad luck ... My apointment is not till june 8 so I don´t know what I will do till then ... I´ts so sad that this weekend is my 1 year aniversary and I really though I will receive my family with a big belly :(


Jo-Ann - May 31

Andy dont panic! first find out why your not ovulating and dont let them fob you off-its your right to know! I dont ovulate because of polycystic ovarium syndrome but I am a mother of one and I did it without medical help. It meant plenty of exercise vitamin and mineral supplements and battling to control my weight. but I did it. Now I trying again........


andy - May 31

hi...Jo-Ann , I have read alot about this overweight thing... I´m 1.73 cm and I weight 150 pounds , could this be making me not ovulate ???


andy - May 31

I´ll be forever gratefull for any ANY advice you could give me :)


Morrison1 - June 1

Hi Andy - I think you and I have spoken before. I had my first m/c on 2/17 and my second on 4/27. I thought it was a luteal phase defect, but I just got results from an FSH test that show me at 11.5. Evidently, that's not bad, but not good. So, have you had an FSH evaluation done? I think weight affects overall health, but things like FSH are independant of that. Don't lose hope yet!! You got pregnant once you can do it again!


andy - June 1

hi morrison thanks for your words ... I just received my FSH test results today and it says 5.99 on cicle day 14 ... I don´t know if this is good or bad... :(


Morrison1 - June 1

Hmm. I don't know much about an FSH on CD14, but I promise to let you know what I find out.


andy - June 1

thank you : )


christie_lynn32 - June 1

i was wondering do high prolactin levels prevent you from mestrating or ovulating


Morrison1 - June 1

I think high prolactin will prevent you from ovulating because it's the same hormone that your body gives off when you are breasfeeding, and you don't ovulate when you are breastfeeding, either.


canadagirl - June 1

Morrison1, I wouldn't say that women don't ovulate when they breastfeed, because some do and do get preggo while breastfeeding, but some don't, so it all depends on the woman's body, I am breastfeeding and have been ttc for 10 months, so I guess I am one of those that is not ovulating due to high prolactin


Jo-Ann - June 1

andy to answer your question YES! My weight dropped by a dstone and a half and guess what I had three periods bang on the dot and then got pregnant.Weight gain is a direct symptom of pcos aithough few people are told that. pcos acts on the body in a similar way to diabetes with the added problem of fertility problems. Maybe ott exercise could work for you too? at the very least it will speed up your metabolism.



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