PLEASE HELP ME.....I'm ovulating soon and need answers fast!
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medas04 - February 22

if i get af every month, but at different times every month, does it mean that i am ovulating every month, but just different time?? i had a mc in nov. since then i had af on nov 20,(mc started naturally) then my 1st af was on dec 18th, then again on jan 14th, then again on feb 15th...please help i think i should be O soon and i really could use some help or we'll be bding every day and dh could get sore from that(grins).....


Pinky - February 22

your cycle is from 27-33 days. Ovulation can occur from day 12-16 (depends on individiual) before you get your AF. So I beleive u should start BD from Day 11. Try to check another fertility symptoms such as Cervix opening and softness, Mucus, BBT etc...


Mega - February 23

It's not uncommon for women with regular AF (& actually yours is in the range of "regular"), to O at different days each cycle. I think Pinky has the right idea of BD each cycle starting from CD11 & maybe going at it everyother night, so your DH could rest up. :) Maybe continue that for at least a week or a week & 1/2. That should cover your bases. When my DH & I first started TTC that's what our friends suggested, it worked right away for them & within 3 mos. for another friend of theirs. I later found out I wasn't O at the time, so needless to say, it didn't help me but sounds like you are Ov-ing so good luck. HTH!



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