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monicalia - November 27

Ladies – I desperately need your advice here…. DH & I have been TTC this next cycle marks 16mos…. After extensive RE tests to include HSG, hormone blood panel, semen analysis etc.. & a full ultrasound monitoring cycle - The diagnosis was made = “unexplained infertility” – great. So I saw my Dr. about 2 weeks ago to discuss options. Here is my current problem, DH is traveling – has been for a month now so this last cycle was shot. We have only two small windows of time in the next 3 months due to his schedule. We will see each other 12/09-12/12 then again 12/21 -01/05. I explained this to my Dr in our consult... She is an IVF specialist & spend most of her time immersed in that realm of things – DH & I are far from that step at this point -so her immediate thoughts were “well, let’s put you on Clomid & start IUI”… We’d not be able to start that until well lint February / March as DH will be in Europe from Jan – mid Feb… Currently my cycles have been fluctuating 30-36 days in length & I confirm O around the cd 22-24 marks… My Dr said okay – here’s a prescription for Clomid 50mg. Take it days 5-9 of the next cycle & BD BD BD… Call me in January to see if we were lucky…. So I left there, prescription in hand waiting for AF’s next arrival. Well – She showed up TODAY!! This makes it AF today day 1 @ cd 31…. -----With me so far?!? Okay – so I have some QUESTIONS; I read that a lot of you take clomid days 3-7 & a lot of you take clomid days 5-9… When I spoke to my Dr who has been more than knowledgeable from the get go – but she did not mention anything about O coming earlier while on clomid…. Many of you claim to O earlier – I think I read about 10 days after last pill?!? Anyway – with that said, if I follow the plan & take it days 5-9 – I will not see DH until 12/21 – this will be on cd 24, which is pushing it as it is… Again, as I usually O cd 22-24 & if the clomid brings it even sooner then this will be a total wash as I will most likely O before he & I meet up for our out of state x-mas… In my opinion my Dr gave me the clomid to appease me as I have a great insurance plan that has paid out $1000’s to her practice, Yes, she is the Chairman to the practice… I hate to look at it realistically but, if I go with IUI’s she will make more money than if I’m lucky with a few months of natural trying on Clomid… Problem is DH’s travel! ---Ahh, he just had a full 13 months home with me & we have been trying & trying – after a full 3&1/2 years of trying but not trying (no protection), then 4 months of really “trying’ I went to see a Dr, after 3 obgyn’s & the run around for 6 months in telling us to “keep trying” - I came to my RE, underwent as full diagnostic cycle & sit where I am today…. I truly feel that as great as my RE is, she just blew me off into a plan that will not work & figures we’ll get the IUI in March…. DH & I would really like to conceive naturally –well & with clomid, lol… I’ve been here on this forum for the past 4/5 months & am on the NO AF series of threads… TO MY POINT & WHY I NEED YOUR HELP -So, here I sit looking at the calendar, counting cd’s - & I’m thinking well, why not chance it & take the clomid on 3-7 cycle as I’d take my last pill on the 12/03 & be on cd 13, 14 & 15 when I see DH… But this will only be days 6,7 & 8 after last clomid pill….. Will this even work? Are they both crapshoots?! What should I do!!!! I am running out of hope, time & chances..... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


monicalia - November 27

Your responses / advice is greatly appreciated as I have a descision to make & pills to take!! ----One last thing, with respect to the 12/21 cd 24 option - please tell me if on Clomid you O'd sooner or if you O'd as you normally would.... & why the choice between 3-7 & 5-9?! --- I assume it's due to cycle length in patient? Maybe? Maybe us w/ longer cycles take it 5-9 while normal 28 day cycle ladies take it 3-7?!? Hmm, I'm just guessing but I'd like to see the correlation - please explain your situations - including cycle lenghts O days... Also, any BFP clomid stories explained by lenght, clomid paln, bd regime & O days would be refreshing...... Please help me!!!!!!!!! Please help keep this thread BUMPED!!!! --- Thanks sooo much & BABY DUST TO US ALL!!!!!!


hello??? - November 28

i know it's long but it's all relative....


Heidi - November 28

Normally, my cycles are 30-35 days without clomid. And not likely that I ovulate on my own. On clomid my cycle is around 29 days. Clomid will help regulate a cycle and make you ovulate on days 12-16 most often. You should start having intercourse starting the third day after your last clomid dose and continuing for a week. On clomid I ovulate day 14 or 15. Hope this helps.


Lori - November 28

Hi. (You probably have), but, have you tried using an ovulation predictor kit. Most women "think" they know when they are ovulating, but it can happen at any time during your cycle. You have it rough, with all the traveling your dh does! I take clomid days 3-7. Personally, I think alot of when you take it has to do with the doctor's preference... and regulation of the cycle. I would talk to your doctor and ask the questions that you have asked here. Its better if she/he explains it to you based on YOUR circumstances and not just a generalization. Hope this helps! Good luck with ttc.


Nic - November 28

On Clomid, I ovulate on day 21 or day 22, quite late. I've heard Clomid makes many women ovulate *later* than normal... Yours sounds like a tough situation, good luck!


isa - November 28

i took clomid days 2-6 and ovulated the same as I did when not on it (roughly cd13).


To monicalia - November 28

Is it possible for you to take a few days to see your dh while he is traveling. I this may even be cheaper than ivf. This way you would be sure to hit all the days.


Mega - November 28

Hi. I've heard the same thing about ov earlier on Clomid--in fact, I heard that from my dr. But this past cycle that didn't hold true for me. I'm just a late responder, I think I O'ed on CD 17 or maybe even later than that, I can't remember b/c we did an IUI. So, in other words, just b/c typical response is around 10 days after the last pill, our bodies all respond differently. Which is frustrating, I know. As for your DH's travel schedule, have you discussed having him come into the RE's office when he's home & giving a couple of samples & have the andrology lab freeze them? That way, when you do the IUI it doesn't matter if he's in town when you O or not. HTH. Good luck Monicalia!!!


Shawna - November 29

Hi Monica, I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I am hear for moral support. Please check out our new thread! I really hope you get your answers. I've posted questions before that nobody has responed to. It's frustrating, isn't it!


Audrey - November 29

I took clomid cd 3-7 the last two cycles. 50 mg. Well, I did not ovulate any earlier... Actually, I ovulated on cd 17. But, the good news is a blood test confirmed I am pregnant this month!! Clomid is a wonderful thing!! Good luck to you Monicalia! Throwing tons of BaBy DuSt your way! ***********


Audrey - November 29

Also, I used the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. It pinpointed when I would ovulate and it made my conception much easier and less stressful! It's expensive... but HIGHLY recommended!!


Mega - November 29

Audrey, congrats on the BFP! That's wonderful news. I hope you have a healthy & happy 9 mos. I've posted with you on other threads & I had to congratulate you your BFP. I'm in the begining of my 2 ww right now, but I've been so busy other than posting on this board I really haven't been dwelling much on it. Of course, I'm not even 1/2 way through yet.


Audrey - November 29

Mega, the 2ww STINKS!!! I am really really praying for you. You deserve a BFP.... we ALL do!!!!! You really help a lot of girls on here.... I think your awesome :))) ****baby dust!*****


Darleen - November 30

I took clomid days 5-9 I have 26 day cycles without clomid and 28 or more with clomid. You will know the day you are ovulating because you will have severe cramping during ovulation. Days 3-7 make more folicles but they will burst earlier and have less mature eggs (higher chance of miscarrage). The 5-9 will make less folicles but more mature eggs (Less likley to miscarry). Its really the dr prefferance. This month I ovulated on day 13, I usually ovulate on day 10. So my days are also extended. I hope this was helpfull!



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