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Jill7 - April 10

Ok, I need all of your help ladies. I am on cycle three of clomid. today is cd21, have been on high on the fertility monitor for 5 days, temp is still low 97.2. The problem is i don't think I ovulated and I don't know what is going on. I had ewcm with a bit of spotting on cd19 and a little on cd 20, so I thought for sure I would get a +opk and peak on the monitor but no. -opk and still high. I don't understand what is going on. Do you think there is still hope to o or will I not this month. I have never had the ewcm with spotting before...what was that. I thought maybe o was coming...PLEASE any advice would be greatly appreciated. I posted this on the other site, but maybe you ladies will far two mc and just want a healthy baby.


bump - April 10



Jill7 - April 11

well today is cd22 still on high, almost + opk..some good ewcm...where is my egg??



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