PLEASE HELP, I need quick advice about HCG TRIGGER SHOT...
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andrea21 - August 30

Hi, I have been ttc for over 2 years now, was diagnosed with PCOS, Insulin Resistance and left blocked tube. I have been on metformin but stopped. I have taken clomid 50mg-150mg - 3 of which were in combination with IUI's(clomid100mg) and HCG trigger shot(10,000units). Finally did laparoscopy surgery to clear left blocked tube doctor also made 2 small holes in each of my ovaries.
My doctor wanted me to try this cycle after my surgery naturally - but I finally convinced her into doing an IUI this cycle, Had my ultrasound today cd12 and I had 3 mature follicles 20,20.5 and 22 - 2 on left ovary and 1 on the right.
MY DOCTOR DOES NOT WANT ME TO TAKE THE TRIGGER SHOT BECAUSE SHE FEARS THAT I MAY OVERSTIMULATE - but I have taken the trigger shot before and never overstimulated before plus I read that overstimulation with HCG mostly happens in the first cycle of treatment.
I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO - I DON'T KNOW IF I SHOULD TAKE THE SHOT WITHOUT HER KNOWLEDGE OR NOT - I mean I feel like I am so close to finally getting my BFP that I so dearly yearn for after doing the surgery and finally having follicles that are over size 18-19, but I fear by not taking the trigger shot I may not ovulate on my own and have left over follicles like I have read some people do.
I HAVE ALREADY ORDERED MY HCG TRIGGER SHOT REFILL but don't know if I should go pick it up to use tonight or not...


andrea21 - August 30



Ann1 - August 30

I guess I wouldn't take it w/o her knowledge, but I agree with you that you likely won't overstim with only 3 follies. Also, if you don't take it, you may only O from one follie instead of releasing them all.


isa - August 30

your hyperstim is related to your E2 (estrogen) level not the # of your follies. The trigger will send your E2 higher as soon as you trigger. I've hyperstimmed and its not good, can be dangerous and life threatening. You could end up in the hosptial. I would not use it if you were told not to. If you are hyperstimming your doctor may drop you as a patient for not obeying him/her and you dont need that either. Its a dangerous game to play in fertilty so please follow docs advice and not use it. -Just my 2 cents. Another thought, clomid thins lining are you being monitored with ultasounds to make sure your lining isnt too thin? Thats what was happening to me and both months they had to adjust my estrogen to boost my lining with pills. Your lining has to be a certain thickness before you can implant.


andrea21 - August 30

My lining was fine, my lining was a 9 when I did u/s today -cd12.
Thats what I fear - only ovulating 1 instead of all 3 of my follicles - that would lower my chances even with IUI. I just want to finally get that BFP and stop getting emotional everytime I see a little baby everywhere I turn.


Ann1 - August 30

Everyone on this board can relate to the emotions and how tough it is to see babies while ttc!! Is there any chance you can convince your dr to let you trigger?


andrea21 - August 31

I don't know - everytime I ask her something she's like "Andrea you read too much stuff on the internet" - sometimes in the back of my head I keep thinking that she is not doing her best to help us get pregnant. I don't think I'll ask her about it again
Shes worried that I may overstimulate if I take the HCG shot which is 10,000units - if I take only half of the solution 5000units then that would lower my risk.
God I am driving myself crazy - I may pick up my refill and take only half the solution or not take it at all..


thayward7 - August 31

Andrea, I would listen to your doctor. Remember that although we can get all these things in place, and time things PERFECTLY, I think those little souls come to us when the time is right. It is frustrating to wait and go through all the disappointments - I know how that feels. Hang-in there, and trust in timing... trust that if this is the cycle that is meant to work, it will. I wouldn't go against your doctor's advice. When I am concerned or disagree with my RE, I discuss it with him until I completely understand his point of view and we come to some agreement. I hope it all works out for you. Good Luck! Smiles and Babydust to you! T


thayward7 - August 31

Please don't misunderstand what I mean about timing... I believe that sometimes nature needs a little help too (otherwise I wouldn't be doing metfomin, IUI, clomid, hcg trigger, progesterone...), but that things happen when they are suppose to. Smiles... T


andrea21 - August 31

Thank you everyone for your time/advice - you and my husband finally convinced me not to take the trigger shot - I would be afraid to get overstimulated and then have my doctor dump me as a patient for doing the opposite of what she said plus my husband convinced me that I have ovulated multiple follicles on previous clomid cycles without IUI and trigger shot and that we would do a cd21 bloodtest to show that I ovulated.Just hope this is finally my cycle to get that BFP.


linds99 - August 31

Right now, I think you have an awesome shot at ovulating on your own without the HCG!!! Those follicles sound awesome. I also have PCOS, (thin cyster which is harder to get pregnant I read), I took clomid 50 mg for five days last July and had 5 mature follies, 20, 22, 18, 17, 17 and did two IUIs with a trigger shot....bad move...I overstimulated the the trigger shot and got two huge cysts from it....Now I wish the doc never gave me the trigger shot because I never got pregnant and I should have let them pop on their own...instead they kept growing into the next cycle so I had to sit out of cycle in advice, if the doc says "No" listen to them...they have a good reason to not give it to you.



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