Please help-I am scared
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Sani - September 19

Hi everyone
this is our 4th month TTC. My last AF was on Aug2-3rd.
My cycles are about 28-30 days long .
Well, I charted my temp this month, and I am very confused.
I took OPK on 15,16,17 and today and it was a big fat -.
According to my fertility temp. chart I O on the 15th, but how come my OPK was negative on that day???
The last three months I O on day 15-16 .
The scary thing is when I went to bt and I wipped yesterday and today there was blood on the tp. Not much, but still red, fresh mixed with waterry/eggwhite CM.
My stomack hurts big time, in a strange way, like its sore or something. My back hurts too. My boobs always hurt so badly couple of days prior to O and it gets worse until AF comes. This time bbs not sure, don't hurt. Nothin but the awful feeling in my stm.
I am very scared for some reason.
Some say it is ovulation spotting but I never had it in my life.
When does the O spotting happen???


isa - September 20

Sani if you o'd on the 15th your + opk would have shown up 24-36 hours BEFORE your ovulation. That is why you take them before ovulation. After your lh peaks it drops again and that is what your opk is checking for. Re ovulation bleeding I have never had that before but it is spotting or light bleeding for a day or two around ovulation and isusually as a result of the sudden drop of estrogen. I got that info for you from the website


isa - September 20

oh by the way with a 28 day cycle you should be starting your opks around cd10 so that you dont miss it. Check the box it may even say a day or so earlier than that. If you are that scared that something is wrong I suggest you go see a doctor because the anxiety you are causing yourself is definately not good when ttc. Let the doc check you our and calm you down so that your body will be more relaxed and thats definately better .


ali d - September 21

Don't want to build any hopes up here but are you sure you are not pregnant? It could be an implantation bleed. I am 14 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and what you have expreienced sounds very much like what I had (especially the mucus as well - mine was when I went to bt also). Have you tested? Just because your test said - doesn't meant o say you haven't missed your ovulation time and are already PG?



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