Please help ASAP Does the quantity of semen matter?
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quantity? - September 29

I have pcos and i am on clomid(which i'm ovulating on) and metformin.
my husband had a sperm test that came back great, but when he ejaculates its like only a teaspoon (i have seen past bfs with higher quantities of semen), i'm woried that his sperm is not enough


Mega - September 29

If your DH's SA came back normal or above average I'd say you should be fine. What did the SA results say about the volume? Remember, sperm are really tiny and what looks like a small amount to us contains millions & millions of those critters. And besides, it only takes one to fertilize your egg. Good luck! Lot's & lots of baby dust!


quantity - September 29

His SA report said, total volume: 2.1ml (normal is 2.0 ml or more) his total count was 252.6 million(normal is greater than 40 million)


Mega - September 29

Well, it sounds like his volume is above average too. It all sounds good on your hubby's end. I'll bet he was happy with the count! My DH has a very high count too & he was excited about that. Unfortunately, my DH only has 5% morphology which really doesn't help us much but he's still proud of the count. LOL!



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