PLEASE HELP are these symptons of pregnancy
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dee - February 1

hi everyone, we are trying for a baby and i am due on in 1 week and all of a sudden i have tender boobs and sore nipples, feel really sick especially in last two mornings and very groggy tired and bloated can anyone please let me know if they had any of this in early pregnancy and whether or not they are actually pregnancy symptoms, i dont even know if its too early to experience pregnancy symptoms when ive still got another week before period PLEASE HELP


Cendy - February 1

Dee, I would test. I was feeling the same way and took a First Response Early pregnancy test and it was faintly positive. I oed on Dec 31 and got my BFP on Jan 11. Good luck to you!!!


hopeful06 - February 2

dee.... I really hope that you are pregnant, but I have to be cautious before I give you false hope......Do you normally have tender breasts, sore nipples, and feel bloated before your period? You're due in 1 week and some women experience these symptoms prior to starting. As for the weakness and sick feelings, have you been exposed to the flu? It is winter--I'm not sure where you live, but everyone around me is coming down with something. You very well could be pregnant, but your symptoms could be premenstrual. Good luck & keep us informed!!


Tracy - February 2

Dee were you on clomid or anything this month or trying au naturale?


dee - February 2

thanks for replying guys, i havent had flu and i havent been on clomid or anything. Usually i get tummy cramps and backache but nothing else, im starting to get bit of backache now but other symptoms very strong now, also if it means anything to you my temps have shot up higher than ovulation rise please tell me what you think


Mega - February 2

Well, sounds like your chart just went triphasic. It COULD be a good sign. But unfortunately not all triphasic charts are pregnancy charts & not all pregnancy charts are triphasic. But again it could be a very good sign. I hope so. Keep us posted! Good luck!


pashle - February 16

I had sex with my boyfriend a couple of days ago, and, we didnt use protection,
He did not put anything in side me, but sometimes a little bit comes out anyway, can this mean i can be pregnant, what should i do.


Mega - February 16

Dee, have you tested yet? I'd imagine by now you've either had AF, or I'm hoping you've had a BFP. Keep us posted!



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