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Katy - June 15

I have PCOS (15 years now) and have been on Glucophage for over 2 months and am starting first round of Clomid. My ultrasound and shot are scheduled on day 12, next Saturday, and I'm not sure how long to wait to have sex? I've heard between 12-24 hours. Do I need to more than once? Does anyone know exactly what I need to do? How long does it take to ovulate after shot? No IUI, doc just added shot to be sure I ovulate.


MelissaS - June 15

Hi Katy. My dr. told me to start trying every other day starting at cd12 through cd20 or 22. You should o in your normal timeframe (14-16 days before af). They determine it that way incase your cycles are long. Hope this helps. I am only on my second round of clomid.



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