Please cycle suddenly changed!!
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Alyssa - November 10

Can Fertility Blend throw off your cycle? I have always had very regular periods (about 24-26 days) Oct. 24 was CD1 & on Oct. 25 I started taking Fertility Blend for Women. However, I stopped taking it after 9 days because it was causing extreme breast tenderness & soreness. Today is CD 18 & AF just showed up! I don't recall ever having a cycle this short, & I am quite worried. I have heard that with cycles this short you usually don't ovulate. I'm hoping it's just a one time thing, but I'm wondering if anyone has any idea if this could've been caused by Fertility Blend???


Me - November 10

May I ask why you began Fertility Blend if you already had normal periods? I was under the impression that those things are to be used for women that are not regular. I thought those things were supposed to help wiomen become regular and help them narrow down their ovulation day. May answer would be yes, it could be it, but it is also normal to skip a month or two from ovulating. If it continues, then I would say something else is up. It could just be a fluke cycle like you think or it could have been related to the Fertility Blend. Hope that helps. Good luck!


Alyssa - November 10

I'm not exactly sure why I started Fertility Blend. I was at GNC getting my regular vitamins & I saw them. I had read about FB before & the lady working also recommended FB. Very stupid mistake on my part...I know. I had heard that they were supposed to increase fertility so I figured that it couldn't hurt anything...sure hope I am still right on that one! I already have dr. appt for Tuesday so I will definitely ask him them & what affect they may have had. I just find it quite ironic that the same month that I took FB for a week is also the month that I have an 18 day seems like AF was just here! Hopefully it's out of my system & next month I can return to normal. Like I said, it just worries me that my cycle was so short, & I don't think (although I don't know for sure) that I ovulated.


me - November 10

Don't beat yourself up for taking something that you thought would help you. I know it seems like forever when you are trying to concieve, but it was only one month. I would get a progesterone test to see if you ovulated, see what your dr says about it and go from there. Try not to stress too much about it. Best of luck to you!


Alyssa - November 11

Thanks for the response! I know in the big scheme of things one month is not a big deal I just want to make sure everything is "working" properly so that 13 days from now (keeping my fingers crossed) I will definitely be O'ing! Right now DH & I don't have any problem with bd, we haven't been married too long, so that makes me very happy & keeps things very positive for the both of us! It just seems like there is so much waiting when it comes to trying to can be quite anguishing! :) It will happen...I know it!



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