Please help :( Did I ovulate already?? Temps..
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Lori - September 30

Hi everyone..I'm so confused right now.I'm on clomid and took last dose last night.(CD3-7) Today is cd 8 and Wed. temp was 97.5, Thurs 97.2 and this morning it went up to 97.7. Is it possible that I ovulated so soon? I bd this morning but not sure if I catched it. Please help!! :( Godd Luck to everyone.


Mega - September 30

Usually you ovulate 5 days after your last Clomid pill. But everyone's different, & so's every cycle. Yada, yada, yada. So it's possible you did O already, but most likely you haven't yet. Unfortunately, you really won't know for sure until tomorrow or a couple days after. One whacky temperature isn't usally a big deal, it's the pattern that matters, according to my dr. Good luck.


me - September 30

Since you are on clomid, have you gone to the drs to check and see if you have follicles that are growing? In other words, are you responding to the medicine? If you have a follicle that is ready to go, then it is possible. I would just wait and see if your temps stya up. I don't think you missed it, but anything is possible. Keep having sex until o is confirmed via bloodtest or ultrasound. good luck.



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