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beckynic - August 22

I'm 18 years old and have been living with my fiance for 6 months and all that time we have been having lots of unprotected sex. Everyone says I am too young to want a child but i am not the sort of person who likes to put their life and career first, family and happiness at home is what matters most for me but so far i have been unable to get pregnant and this worries me. I am young and so my body should be fertile enough but nothing is happening. Should I be worried yet?


slowpoke01 - August 22

hi do you have normal cycles every month? have you used ovulation predictor kits or basal body temping to see if you are ovulating? if you are not ovulating you cant get pregnant but this may just be caused from low progesterone. have you been diagnosed with endometriosis or pcos? have yo;u been to see a doctor about your concerns? i would say go to the doctor first and get everything checked out to make sure that it is all working right. go on cycle day 21 and get bloodwork to make sure you are ovulating.



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