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saad_786 - April 10

I have been with my partner for three years now. We both agree that we have a great relationship, though our lives are so busy with work, night courses and volunteer work. We hardly have time for dates, let alone eating and getting enough sleep! I feel that I look way too fat so I started to diet 6 months ago. I have lost 10 pounds on this awesome fat free diet. I feel I can trust Jeff and he feels he can trust me. We went for HIV testing a year ago at a clinic that offered anonymous testing. We both tested negative and decided we should stop using condoms. Nine months ago we decided we would like to start a family and have been trying to get pregnant. We have intercourse about three times a week, but think we should have intercourse every night as nothing has happened yet. We enjoy having intercourse but are feeling that the fact that we have not yet conceived is putting a strain on our relationship. Any advice you guys can give me would be much appreciated.


TMR - April 10

Hi there. I think you should go to your gyn & tell him/her the problems you are having so they can run preliminary tests to see if there is anything preventing you from conceiving. And remain calm & positive.


junebaby2007 - April 10

you need to have sex every day, so that if you ovulate the sperm is already there. Also, after sex put a pillow under you butt and remain this way for 15-20 min. when he has an organsm make this movement:like you are trying to hold your urin. this will work. I am 8 months now. godd luck.
3 times a week (sex)is not enough. you never know for sure when you ovulate.


angelkitty - April 10

I would recommend using ovulation prediction kits for one thing...that will tellyou when you ovulate. Putting a pillow under your butt may not help if you have a tilted uterus like I do - my specialist said so. Have you been to your obgyn to be examined? Are you taking prenatal vitamins? Please know that it is not as easy to get pregnant as we once believed!!! Also, please remember that having sex at the right time is key. I think bding too much can hinder you. Every day is too often. Hope this helps.



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