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Rama - August 4

Hello All:

I have irregular periods and I am using Ovulation Predictor and using Basel Temp to predict my Ovulation day. One day when I thought I am ovulating after intercourse my husband noticed a yellow thick liquid on his private part that he never noticed before. I think it was mucus ..

Does it mean I was ovulating on that night?
We did intercourse that night and a we skip a day and made love a night after that.. I hope we still haev good chance.

Also if I found out in the morning that I am Ovulating , is it better to have sex in fe hours or we can wait for a night.

I will appreciate any response



dina - August 4

Hi Rama, the yellow thick liquid may have been thick mucous. I usually get that about day 8-10 and ovulate anywhere from day 12 to 14 so it's always before i ovulate. when i am ready to ovulate i am very runny in the mucous area. When u test postive on your opk it means u will ovulate WITHIN the next 36 hours not that you are ovulating right away. I would bd when u find the positive, then wait 24 hours to replenish his sperm and bd again.(this is from my fertility clinic people). Hope this helps some.



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