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wannabmom - February 14

I had a miscarriage in march last year. i am trying to get pregnant for 8-9 months with no success. I had my cd 3 blood tests and they were normal. The thing i am worrying about is for the past few months my cycle was 26 to 20-31 days. I took ovulation test on 24th jan & it was positive. we had sex that day and then after 3 days. my period has not started yet. whats going on with me. i think i am not pregnant as i had sex only two days in a month. can anone tell me what's going on with me. i have never missed a period b4. i had a regular cycle. also, i am not having any pregnancy symptoms. Please help me guys!!


wannabmom - February 14

just want to correct one line"few months my cycle was 26 to 20-31 days"

It's not 20 it's 30


Ann - February 14

Have you taken a pg test?? Two days around O time is plenty!! I've heard that lots of people have zero symptoms. Good luck!


wannabmom - February 15

thanks Ann! I will take a test tomorrow. My huisband had SA test and the results are back today. Doctor said only 5% of sperm r of good quality. is there any treatment for it. will we conceive ?


wannabmom - February 15



Ann - February 15

wannabmom, I don't know a lot about the male issues, but I know a low percentage can be ok if the total count is high. In other words, 5% of $3million wouldn't be so good, but 5% of $300million would be ok. Do you know his total count? Motility? Morphology? Those are the things that seem to matter when determining your chance to get pg. I've also heard that medications can affect the count as well as recent illness. I've seen vitamins that men can take as well to help the count.


Mega - February 15

Hi wannabmom. Sorry about your DH's SA results. Like Ann said, what did your dr mean by only 5% were good quality? What the main issue with the other 95%? We have male issues too, my DH has 5% morphology, or in other words 95% have head deffects, but as Ann said count comes into play too b/c he has a pretty high count with helps a bit with our odds. We've been doing IUIs lately, which might be an option to discuss with your dr. It's cheaper than IVF, & since they wash the sperm before inserting it into your uterus via a cathetar, most of the poor quality sperm should be "washed" away leaving more good than bad sperm. Thus upping your chances quite a bit on conceiving again. Good luck. HTH!


wannabmom - February 15

Thanks Ann and Mega!! Doctor said he can't interpret the results more. He said rest 95% were abnormal. he didn't explain more. we are waiting for the results...we will get it in mail. what can be the reason of this problem? my sis in law is married for 11 years and has not been able to conceive. sahe says there isn't any fertility issues with both of them. so do u guys think this is genetic.


Ann - February 15

Do you know what test your sister in law has done? Most of the time the cause can be determined if enough tests are run. Has your husband been sick recently? Is he on any medications?


wannabmom - February 15

I do not know what tests were done by my SIL. my husband is perfectly normal and not been sick recently. are there any other tests that need to be done for my dh?


Mega - February 16

If the dr said 95% are abnormal, most likely he's talking about morphology. I think at this point IUI, or even IVF-ICSI (if you can afford it) might be a good option for you. However, even with extreme male issues you can still acheive natural pregnancy too. Don't give up hope. Also, once you get the results in the mail on your DH's SA, I'd call around & try to get him an appt. with an urologist. There are more tests that can be run to find out what's causing the abnormal SA. Also while you're waiting to get into the urologist, vitamin B12, vitamin E & zinc are all supposed to be good for building up the quality of sperm. Hang in there. You have plenty of options out there.


wannabmom - February 16

Thank you mega!! I felt good reading these replies.



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