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Julie - August 4

I just started taking prometrium 2 days ago. I was given this by my dr. to take for 12 days, then take Clomid for days 3-7 after AF starts. I haven't had a period since June 11th. He thinks I'm not ovulating or just ovulating irregular. My temps have been pretty high the past week or so... I charted for 1 month then stopped for a couple weeks while waiting for AF to arrive, which it never did. My temps this past week are higher than they ever got during that 1st month with the execption of maybe 1 or 2 days. Does anyone else think that that is strange?????? This past week they've all been like 97.92 thru 98.45. I've only been taking the Prometrium for 2 days....Can temps vary that much from one month to another for no reason????????? It kind of scres me and I want to make sure it's not a big deal.... Thanks!


KellyN - August 4

Hi Julie! I just started taking projesterone last friday (immediately after ovulation). I also took clomid for the first time this month (cd 5-9). My temps went up past my normal base line while was taking the clomid, but have been pretty normal after I was done. The projesterone has not seemed to bother my temps at all. I saw the normal up surge at ovulation and this morning my temps went up even higher from around 88.2 to 98.6. I heard that some women get hot flashes with projesterone, but I have not so far.


D. - August 4

Progesterone is what makes our temps go up when we ovulate so it's possible that you may feel that temp shift more than someone else may. The prometrium could definitely be what's making your temps go up though if you have been anovulatory it's possible that it's simply the hormones in your body going nuts. That's usually a sign of an anov cycle: Temps that are very erratic. I hope the prometrium works but before you stop taking it, take an HPT just in case. Freakier things have happened!


Julie - August 4

Thanks for the replies... So, you think I could be pregnant this whole time? I'm just really confused.. If I take the prometrium for 12 days then my period starts obviously all is fine, then I can start my Clomid... Right?? All the hpt's I took have been negative and the doctor did a urine test and it was negative...?? It's just very strange that my temps are high!!



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