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SerineMali - April 15

Hey everyone,
I've been trying for over a year now. I'm starting to feel completely helpless. I've tried everything. I have very sensitive ovaries and I'm afraid to start Clomid. I hate when my cycle is a week-two weeks late then I get it, so the whole time I thing I'm pregnant and I turn out not to be. Is there anything that can improve or other techniques that can help me?


Jaqi - April 15

As your doctor about PCOS. There is no test for it but it comes with symptoms. It can cause your AF to br "throwed off." Also check into endometriosis.


na25 - April 15

I started Ovulex excatly 2 week ago and i will see..i am so positive it will work for me...will see...will let you know


na25 - April 15

forgot to tell you my husband and i have been trying almost a year or a little over yr don't know exactly..sometimes it does take time...did you try pillow under hips? or do it everyother night? taking prenatal vitamins? use of PLAIN Robitussin (guaifenesin, generic), without other ingredients, etc...


SerineMali - April 15

Hey ladies...
Thanks for writing back. It's good to know someone out there understands how you feel. I have another appt with my doc on the 29th. The hard part is im in the military and overseas so the services are very limited. I live in Japan so if you want to go out in town the military medical insurance doesn't cover your fees. I'm going to ask about POCS. I've had numerous cysts on my right ovary and they just told me i have High Grade dyplasia. I've tried the pillow under the hips technique. I even use ovulation kits, it just seems like I miss my date every SINGLE TIME...thanks Jaqi and Na... sorry don't know your first name... I'll keep you guys posted on what happens...


Jaqi - April 16

Glad we can help. Sorry for my typos in the earlier post. I was at Yeah, ask about PCOS. It causes cysts on your ovaries. They say it can look like a "string of pearls."


SerineMali - April 17

Thankfully.. I finally got a docs appt on the 29th..... I hope she can check me out again and let me know what's up.. what really got me.. was a doc i had been seeing for a whole year and I had dyplasia.. but she kept telling me there was nothing wrong with me.... until it developed into high grade dys. and i heard it from another doc who asked me why I wasn't treated for it! I was furious when I realized she didn't even care to get me meds for it... I'll let you all know what happens on the 29th... im planning on asking for more help.. like taking some meds for ovulation.... hopefully this doc wont just blow me off and actually look into it for a change...
thanksss ladies..



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