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Kenetria - November 15

I need some support and advice.7months ago i had a tube reversal so i could have a baby.only 1 tube is functioning. I cant seem to get pregnant.Every month i get so frustrated when my period comes,its so hard to think about anything else. What can I do to help my chances?PLEASE HELP.I feel so alone with this no one else seems to realize what I'm going through!!!


Kenetria - November 15

anyone out there??


Mega - November 15

Hi Kenetria. Unfortunately, even if you are 100% healthy & all systems a go and same with your partner, it can take a year. But in the meantime, a couple simple things to improve your chances include charting BBT to make sure you're ovulating. If you're TTC with a partner or a doner you know, has he had a semen analysis? Also, using OPKs can help pinpoint ovulation too, to make sure you're BD on the right days. If you're relatively regular, maybe start BD everyother day from CD12 up until like CD22 to cover all bases. If you're the least bit irregular though, you might be able to discuss options with your OB earlier than that. Plus since you just have 1 tube, I'd suggest trying to find a dr now if you can. Some are sticklers for that 1 year wait, others aren't. Good luck! You're not alone, that's the great thing about this board. We're all having problems ttc #1 or #2 or #10, so it's a good support network. Hang in there! HTH...



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