Please could someone read this and answer me. I am desperate
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Tina - July 6

I am 27 and am trying to have a baby/ We have been trying for 3 months but no luck as of yet.. Can you help!!! When is the right time? When!!! I get different answers can someone help me. How soon after my period do i start trying?


Drew - July 6

Hi Tina! Pinpointing ovulation is necessary for conception. You can get ovulation predictor kits - at Wal-Mart or most other pharmacies, and basil body temperature thermometers, which you can also find usually in the same places. can help you with charting your basil body temps and other signs. It's kinda complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it it gets much easier. Good luck!! :)


Drew - July 6

I just read your other post....ovulation usually occurs 11-16 days after your period. But charting your temps and ovulation predictor kits will help.


jossie - July 6

I have 2 children and i found it really easy the first time(i was pregnant 4 weeks after coming off the pill)But the 2nd time it took me 2 years to get pregnant again.I was told its normal to take 6months to a year to concieve.



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