Please can anyone help me with some advice?
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Jenz - October 24

For a while I have been lurking round this website and I know there is such a wealth of advice on here, I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice on my situation. I knew I always wanted to have children but I didn't meet the man I felt that way with until I was 30, by then my bioligical clock was ticking very loudly, we have been ttc now for a year and half without any sucess and so last month I went for a blood test which was taken on cd 21 which I am told is the right time I should be ovulating, I got the letter back from my doctors today saying I need to go in for futher blood tests, this means I can't have been ovulating, but my question is would ovulation show if my cycle is longer than norm, my temps are low but do show an increase of FF which showed me ovulating on cd29, with this late ovulation in mind would the blood test be correct as it was taken when normal ovulation would have taken place. Sorry for the long winded story but after getting the results its all I can think about at the moment, I was wondering if this had happened to anyone else?


linds99 - October 24

I believe that your doctor thinks something is off because by cd 29, you should have ovulated and your progesterone levels would have been high. Maybe they found your progesterone levels low, which could be a sign of anovulation, which means you really didn't release an egg. This late ovulation could mean you have PCOS, it is one of the most common signs for us PCOSers. Or, your low temps could be indicative of you having a thyroid problem, which also can cause anovulation.


tibby - October 25

linds99 did you mean by cd21?


Jenz - October 25

Thanks for your advice Linds99, I have read up on thyroid problems and don't seem to have any of the symptons mentioned other than the obvious low temps, I haven't looked a pcos and don't really know that much about it, is there some other obvious signs I should be looking for?. I rang the doctors today to ask them what further tests they were doing and they wouldn't tell me a thing, said that until I had the further tests the doctor wouldn't speak to me about it they wouldn't even tell me the results of the first test, which means the fact that I am on cd 36 today and still no sign of AF its going to be a long time till cd 21 again to have more results and then a wait to see the doctor. I realise its not just me going through all this but its so frustrating, sorry for the rant again : )



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