please answer soon !!!!! ***DesPeratE***
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andy - July 14

hi ... I´m on folicle stimulation , FSH shots and progesterone this month ... first try after ttc for 10 months and a m/c .... By cd15 u/s said that I had broken 4 !! follicles ... I know what my chances are and that nothing is garanteed ... but when do you think I can get a blood pgtest done ... Cd25?? Cd26 ??? ... I´m on CD20 and loosing my mind .... please of what you know when can I get a certain answer (even if ists a negative ) ... I don´t wanna wait 9 days more , and worst that day is sunday so I´ll have to wait 10 days : (((( please help me ... thank you thank you


isa - July 15

andy, my clinic does the beta blood work 12 days after iui or if you are using hpt's they tell us to wait 14 dpo. Hope this helps. Good luck.


slowpoke01 - July 15

also i have heard that if you are pregnant with multiples that a home pregnancy will tell sooner because you have more hcg in your system with multiples i say just relax and catch your breathe because you have a really good chance of being pregnant so good luck i hope that i helped you some



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