Please Answer.... I'm concerned..
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SaintRose83 - January 20

I went in for an U/S yesterday and the doc said that she saw 3 follices there. (I think she said three) now I have just gotten a + ovulation test. Does that mean that there are 3 eggs getting ready to be released?? Triplets perhaps?? Any advice would be helpful?? I'm new at this....


ROBYN - January 20

Could be just because you have 3 follicles does not necessarily mean there are eggs in each follicle. Though there could be. Even if you release all 3 does not mean that all 3 could be fertilized did your doctor tell you the size of them. If you got a positive OPK then you should bd tonite, tomorrow and the next night good luck to you.


cspears99 - January 20

Hi 3 follicles is good, it could mean triplets, but most likely not the chances are very slim about 3%, but having three follicles increases your chances for one, it also depends on size, and it doesn't always mean all 3 will release? I usually had three, one time I had 5, we didn't have any luck when using the clomid with IUI's is that what you are doing? if so good luck I wish you the best, we are waiting and going to start injections with IUI it increases the chances but is also a lot more expensive, but feeling positive, good luck!!!


SaintRose83 - January 20

Thank you both, no I have not done IUI. Just Clomid by itself 50mg. I am not sure the size of them, she said they looked really good, what they like to see. I got day 20 progestrone done yesterday and it was 1.49 she said that it meant the follicles were maturing. So we will see if this cycle works. Good luck to you as well!


ROBYN - January 20

Your welcome, is this your 1st clomid cycle? We just completed our 1st IVF cycle and I am 10 weeks pg. We did clomid for 4 months with the ovidrel injection the most follicles we had were 5. I only ovulated 2 times on the higher dosages. We decided to get more agressive and IVF worked for us. I am a little confused you did your progesterone check on CD20 and it was 1.49? And you received a positive OPK today? So when are you going back to see if you ovulated. I remember with Clomid we went back on CD21-23 to see if i ovulated. Do you know high your progesterone has to be to have ovulated I know my clinic was 10 and above. Good luck to you.


SaintRose83 - January 21

Robyn, yes this is my 1st cycle of Clomid. I was on 50mg days 5-9. I went in on cycle day 20 and the progestone level was 1.49 the same day the U/S showed 3 mature follicles. That day I had a negitive OPK. Then today (cycle day 21) I got my 1st positive, that means I should ovulate in the next 12-48 hours. Hopefully my BBT will show a rise any day now. The doctor didn't want me to come in again. She just said take pregnancy test in a week or so, if it is negitive I start another round of Clomid. Congrats on your Pregnancy! Oh by the way I have low progestrone and have miscarried 2x, so I will start the suppositories on Monday they said... hopefully that is the right time to start...


ROBYN - January 21

I just stopped doing 2 months of progesterone injections intramuscular I was so happy Monday to stop them they were awful. Now I am on prometrium another week then I should be home free. I am sorry about your past miscarriages. I hope you get your bfp this cycle.


Tracy88 - January 21

I had four mature eggs, two released, got pregnant with twins, and lost one twin at 8 and half weeks. I am now 23 weeks PG with a singleton!


SaintRose83 - January 21

Tracy.... sorry to hear about your loss, but I am happy to hear that you have a little one at 23 weeks.
Robyn... I am on the supportories, the injections don't sound like fun. But glad they are over for you :)



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