pleas help from girls who r diagnosed with endometriosis
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aish - June 14

hi frnds, i need info. reagding endometriosis that how come ur doctor finds it out that u have this problem as i told my doc.that ihave cramps,pain...she said that we will do ur 3,4 IUI and then go for u think its the right decision....
i am going to shady grove va clinic


nikki2204 - June 14

Hi Aish,
I have stage 4 endo, I had a laparotomy in jan and am currently on Lupron shots. If endo is suspected, a laproscopy is recommended.


aish - June 14

thanx nikki ...but how ur doc.suspected that u have endo...thru ultrasound or blood test??


nikki2204 - June 14

I was having the surgery in January to have 2 cysts removed and he found it!


aish - June 14

thanx nikki...
actually i told my doc about my symptoms like cramps,clots,rectal pressure but she said it is ok we will do 2-3 IUI and if no results we will go for laproscopy...
i hope i will get pregn soonand u all also


MelissaV - June 14

Hi aish. I have stage 4 endo and had a lap last September. My doctor suspected endo when both my tubes showed up blocked during my HSG. I really didn't have any symptoms...(besides not getting pg) well, in hindsight I did, but nothing severe that made me think there was a serious problem.



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