Plastic acts as a birth control method? WHAT!?
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Alicia - April 14

Hello ladies,
Ever drank soda out of the hard plastic bottles? Right...we all have. Well, I read an interesting article in USA Today that was talking about how there is a chemical in the plastic used in Soda bottles, certain food containers, etc, that is linked to a chemical used in birth control pills!!! Now, I know you're probly thinking "right, this girl is crazy." But I read it in the newspaper. The soda compainies and the compaines that use the plastic is trying to say "no, it's perfect;y safe." But the gov't is basically saying it's not. Now, don't jump to conclusion thinking this plastic ur drinking from is causing u not to get preggers...cause many many many women have drank out of these bottles and popped a cute little baby out 9 months later...I just wanted to bring this to ur attention so if you feel the need to, you can do more research on it yourselves. I wanted to post this cause my husband just called me from work and told me he was reading the article. (We've been ttc for 2 luck) He's going to bring the paper home and I'll post more about it later...just wanted to let u gals know...I was shocked too!


Alicia - April 14

Hey again, here is the link to the article


Lea - April 15

I'm not surprised to hear this... I randomly heard that if you reuse the plastic water bottles it can cause infertility...


ali - April 15

i tried to copy and paste the link but it said not good can u still get it to work?



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