Picture of lady at top of this screen......
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jg - May 26

Aurgh!!! She moves!!!! I keep thinking it's a spider when I spot her fingers moving! Hee hee hee


Chrystina - May 26

Ahahahaha! I saw that and I was like "hmm...did she always move or is that a new thing?...
Jg are you a long time poster or new???


Ky_la_02 - May 26

Ha Ha. I know exactly what you mean!! I have to move my screen down just to get rid of her... I'm a bit OCD, and it makes it that much more annoying! Haha, maybe I'll put a post it note over her!


chele - May 26

She never use to move... It's been something new for about 2weeks at the most I believe.. She does get annoying!haha


ROBYN - May 26

her fingers scare me!!! LOL


Mindy1 - May 27

we should write a letter. it is TOTALLY creepy. she needs some sleep/


SaintRose83 - May 27

I thought she didn't use to move either.... but then a friend pointed it out to me and now I can't stop looking at her! Her fingers look like a spider. Totally creepy.


jg - May 27

Oh good I'm not alone - creepy finger lady isn't just freaking ME out! LOL. I was on the IVF thread for an while but am now on the IUI thread Chrystina. :D


Blakey - May 27

lol....I couldn't beleive it either. I was like "Oh my gosh, she moves now"- and the my husband came over to hug me, and he noticed it too...he was like "did she always move"? hee hee hee....it is creepy though! :0 )


treysmommy - May 27

Yeah she's really scary!!! It looks like she's gonna turn and look at me at any second!!! lol....


Lucky717 - May 27

The blinking chick at the top of the page is beyond annoying. I liked her better when she was static. I'm sure she's just thinking about ttc!!!


rrc - May 31

So if we all send an email to them, maybe they'll make her quit moving! There's a link on the second screen that says "contact us". After you click on forum, then it's on that page. I wrote them, and maybe if everyone did, then it would work!!! Here's hoping......


newmommy - May 31

So funny that everyone has noticed her!!! I totally agree with the fingers---I move down on the screen so she's out of my vision, too! And there's just something freaky about her eyes. She needs to go away!!!!


Mindy1 - May 31

I think shes missing a finger...... take a close look.............


Filmmaker24 - June 2

Yeah, she started moving just recently. Someone apparently is showing off their flash skills. It's too creepy, though. You can tell someone photoshoped her and made hewr move in flash animation. I know, I work on that program too. At least my animations don't creep anyone out.



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