pg. or not...confussion ne1 can relate????
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MuzikGurl - March 5

OK, I have posted so many times on here but, I have another thing, has anyone gone through this too: I am 12dpo according to my BBT chart and my temps have stayed up until yesterday they dropped to 97.9 and today is the same. Now, I didn't have any ovulation CM up until last night and today I noticed my CM is very stretchy and egg white looking, but I am concered on why my temps aren't coinciding with my CM? I have other pg. symptoms too but not very badly as time goes on now I'm not feeling the same symptoms as badly..just mostly now my boobs are sore and pinching feeling, mild cramps here and there, headaches, and very fatigue and tired. I'm not sure when af will show due to very irregular cycles. I'm now on CD35 last cycle was only 25 days long. I took three pg. tests all neg. guessing too early even if I am. I go for a beta on the 9th of March so, that will be CD16 for me. But, I was wondering if this is normal or not and if anyone else can relate? thanks in advance! =)


bump - March 6



Mega - March 6

Could the drop in temps signify that AF is coming soon? A 12-13 day leutal phase is okay. I guess really though it's a wait & see, if your temps spike back up then (hopefully) you just witnessed the implantation dip. Your symptoms frankly are good PG signs but also unfortunately common AF signs too. I'm glad you're scheduled for a beta though, much more reliable (typically) than a HPT. I hope you get good news on 3/9! Keep us posted. I wish I could be more help though. Good luck!!!


MuzikGurl - March 6

Hey Mega, unfortunately my temp didn't go back is 97.8 but still my usual temp if AF is here is 97.5 so, according to I'm still above my coverline barely though. This morning when I peed and wiped I noticed very light bleeding only when I wiped then a few hours later I took a bath and put on a pantiliner just incase and I noticed about 2 hours later a little spotting and now when I wipe it's a light brown color. I've got horrible cramping off and on and headaches all day so far also my breasts have been feeling different too...a little firmer and pinchy feeling off and on too. But, like you said it could be AF but, usually I get diaherria when AF is coming or is here and no headaches and hardly any cramps until after I'm almost finished with AF. I have a clear blue easy digital hpt I'm gonna take it in the morning it would be 14dpo by then and if neg. then I still go see the dr. for my beta. I'm not gonna be hurt too terribly if it's neg. because DH and I didn't try that hard this month it was only my first time on clomid. but, hopefully I will know for sure I did ovulate but I just missed the days...which that can be fixed. Well, thanks for everything and baby dust to you!


babyloves2play - March 7

Hey MuzikGurl, I am having same problem. I keep having pregnancy symptoms but now I keep thinking it is just the clomid. My symptoms started out strong on cd 19 with nausea, cramping, headaches, hot flashes, and breast tenderness. I'm now on cd 24 (usually cycle is 31 to 35 days) and the symptoms have eased some. I still feel little crampy and a little sick from time to time and my nipples are sore and it feels like my breasts are swollen. This is my second round on clomid (100mg days 5-9) and first time to have side effects. Never had symptoms except moodiness on first cycle of clomid (50mg days 5-9). I hate waiting to find out if I'm pregnant or if af will haunt me again this month. I hope you are pregnant. Let us know what you find out. Lots of babydust to you and us all!!!


MuzikGurl - March 7

Hey everyone! I'm not pregnant at least that's what the clearblue digital test says...I still have a beta on the 9th to go to but, I think I started AF....yesterday was onlyn light spotting and I thought implantation...this morning...I was wrong it looked like someone murdered me...I'm definately having my period and horrible cramping....but, my temp went back up today to 98.1 for the past three days it dropped to 97.9 and 97.8 so, I don't know what this means...but for right now I'm tired of stressing and just go aboutn my day as if it is AF....hope everything works out for u two...btw, I'll let you know what I get from my beta on friday I go in on thursday but the results won't be until friday. baby dust and good luck!


Mega - March 7

Sorry about the BFN & the - HPT, MuzikGurl. Maybe the whackier than usual temps were caused by the Clomid, I've heard it can affect temps too. I can't remember, it's been a while since I've charted during Clomid. Hopefully next month will be your month. My AF has been acting strange this time too. But it could just be the prometrium I'm on to induce AF. I've been seeing mainly brownish spotting, only when I wipe. Then it turned pinkish red, then bright red, & now back to brown. Very odd. I know I'm not PG yet. I just had a lap & Ovarian Drilling so I think it's a hormonal thing for me. I'm eager to go back on Clomid, thinking it might work for me again since the drilling. Thanks for the dust, I could use some of that now. Babyloves2play, you're still very much in the game it sounds like. Good luck. I hope that BFP is on its way for you. Tons of dust to both of you, as well.



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