PG friends have no feeling sometimes.
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Sally - July 31

Today I was with a friend of mine that had a baby girl 7 months ago after not trying and really not wanting. We were looking at the baby book. (HARD HARD HARD TO LOOK AT) A part of the book was a diary for her to write what she was thinking about during the pg. I seen my name in it so I began to read. She wrote that I was hard to talk because I did not know what I was talking about and that when she told me she was pg and I made the coment "Becareful in the 1st trimester you never know what can happen" she got mad at me and was hurt by what I said. I just was saying that the 1st trimester is hard because alot of m/c happen (I Have had 3 myself) I am so mad at her for saying that. She did not see me reading that part so there is really nothing I can do it was like a year ago and she never said anything to me. Am I out of line for being upset that she was mad at me for telling her to becareful? I would not want anyone to have to deal with what I have. She also wrote that I would not know what she is dealing with in the weight department because I have never been under 150lbs and don't take care of my body. It's been a year should I be upset, and she was pg maybe it was her hormones. Anyone got a oppinon?


Jill - August 13

I know what you're going through. A woman who was supposed to be my best friend got pregnant, knowing that I was trying, too. Well, months went by, she got bigger, and I never got pregnant. All she ever talked about was the baby, He's moving, He's got the hiccups, Oh, he's laying over here... It got old. I finally got up the nerve to ask her to not talk so much about the baby around me. She informed me that she was not going to pretend she wasn't excited about her new son just because I was having problems. I've had lots of people tell me it was probably just the hormones, but I don't think every rude thing a pregnant woman says can be blamed on hormones. We don't talk anymore. I think you should ask her why she put that in her child's baby book. Then, I think you should reconsider the friendship. Anyone that inconsiderate isn't too good a friend. You were offering advice when you told her to be careful, it isn't like you were rude. I wish you luck, and hope to hear good news this month.


Bump - August 22




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