periods mean ovulation?
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me - July 21

I read on WebMd that if you get regular periods, it is a safe bet that you ovulate every month. I have just started charting my BBT and they are not showing the 3 consistent temps showing that I ovulate. Is WebMd's info correct?


kim - July 21

I have read the opposite, that it is possible to be regular and not be ovulating, Check another site.


alison - July 21

to me....I have periods between 23 and 30 days, most months day 25 or 28 but my fertility doc just told me yesterday because i am not regular (his definition is same day every cycle within 1 day) than i may have ovulation problems. I'm in the process of doing all the investigation work now with the clinic. i too thought i was ovulating by watching my temps, they go up after my ovulation which shows on an opk every month but he says i have ovulation probs. ok well i'm not pregnant so something isnt right.


Jess - July 21

You may get your period every month but that doesn't always mean you have ovulated. If you are a regular 28 dayer, and it is consistant than more than likely you are ovulateing. Even if you are off a day here and there you may still be ovulating. It varies from woman to woman. How long have you been trying to concieve. THey say it could take up to a year for a healthy couple. Good luck


me - July 26

I have been trying since Jan of this year. I used to get ovulation pains but they seem to have stopped this year. I have been under a lot of stress in the first few months, so I chalked it up to that. My periods are regular 28 day cycles.


D. - July 26

The length of your cycle doesn't really have much to do with ovulation. Ovulation can change drastically from cycle to cycle. I've ovulated as early as the 6th day of my cycle, and as late as the 17th, with most cycles around the 13th or 14th day. What shouldn't change much more than a day is your LP (luteal phase). If that changes too much, it could mean a problem. Your period starts when your progesterone levels drop after you ovulate. So, for me, I have an LP of 14 days. When I ovulated on CD6, I got my period 15 days later (day after the 14th day of my LP). When I ovulated on CD17, I again got my period 15 days later (14th day of my LP). There's nothing unusual in that. Once my temp drops, usually the day I get AF, that's when my progesterone took a dip. However, if you didn't Ovulate, you could still get a period because your lining gets too heavy after a while and will start to break away from the uterine walls. Also, a crash in estrogen can also cause you to shed your lining, and again, can happen without you ovulating. But your periods sure shouldn't be regular if this was what is going on. However, there is a possibility that you O but it's not a very strong O, and you can usually spot that with low temps. Your Post-O temps should really be above 98. If they're below, while not necessarily a problem, you should be checking with your doc on tests to make sure that you are producing enough of everything to help you get pg.



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