Periods getting Lighter and Shorter??? Please help!
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Becca D - October 24

Hello - hopefully this won't be too long of a story: I had a history of an elevated I would never have period with out the help of dostinex. The last time I took dostinex I got pregnant with my son...he is now almost 6. Since having him, my periods got more and more regular (actually I've been pregnant twice in the last two years, both ended in miscarriage....but with each subsequent miscarriage, my cycles came regularly 28 days). Well my doc put me on progesterone supplements and I did those for a few months. He thinks I have a LPD. Well that made my cycles longer up to about 32 days. I stopped after a few months, b/c they made me feel pregnant, and it was too depressing each month not to be. Well the past two months, since I've stopped the progesterone, my cycles have been two days of spotting....(maybe a light flow for about one day) then more spotting, but done by two days. My cramps this time started a week before AF was even due....then I started spotting one day Late for AF(last thurs) then AF or spotting was done on Friday...I'm still cramping though....does anyone know what this could mean???


bump - October 25



jcr - October 25

I went through the same thing for a while I was oonly on metformin. I had about 3 cycles that were very short and only light spotting. My RE never gave me any kiind of answer, but he considered them my cycle days. I even had a very short one when I wad on prometrium. My last cycle was a good one, but it was brought on by acupuncture. Sorry I have no answers. Good luck


Becca - October 25

Yeah, I'm not sure what's causing this problem. I just put a call into my doc's office to either speak with him or his nurse. I'm just frustrated...we miscarried back in January and still have not gotten pregnant. We are definitely busy enough in the bedroom to have it happen at the right time, but it just hasn't. I'm starting back on my progesterone this month....feeling like maybe just maybe if I had continued using it the past two months, that I could have been pregnant. Oh well....just a lot of frustration and sadness in this dept of my life!!


jcr - October 26

I had a m/c in April and no luck since then. I hadn't even ovulated until very late in my sept cycle, and I think I just ovulated over the weekend CD16, this was all through acupuncture, which I am very excited about. I did one round of clomid in sept which gave me a cyst, so I am hoping something more natural helps me. I am so sick of -hpts, every cycle just seems to get me down a little more. I have a 2 yr old daughter who is the light of my life and keeps me trying for another. Good luck and let me know what Dr says. Keep your chin up.


Becca D - October 26

Thanks are very sweet and I hope the best for you as well. I know it will happen...I just know it will. I've been pregnant 3 times now....have a wonderful sweet little boy - he'll be 6 next Wed. He was a true gift and blessing....I call him my little angel. I had been told for years I would probably never get pregnant, if I did, it would be with the help of meds. When I conceived him, I was on dostinex to give me a period. My ex-husband and I weren't trying, but when AF never showed after a month, I took a test and Wow, was I surprised.....after so many years of no AF and negative HPT's...I thought for sure that one would be too, but it wasn't. Since then my current husband and I have been pregnant twice on our own, with no meds...but I've who knows. At least I have "regular" periods now!!



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