period regular but on diff days(HELP LADIES I NEED THE INFO
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KEFY - July 18

b4 i was married my periods were haevy with clots and were nt regular, if i had my period , the next wldnt occur so the following period would be double the days covering for the last month. i was diagnised aneamia and mky haematologist decide me to go on the pill for 2 months afterwars it was regular and light but would occur on diff days, ive been on and of the pill without my bfs knowledge cz i didnt wnt to get pregnant. now im married and ive been on the pill since january and i stopped in may, i had my period in may, june then in july i was spossed to start on the 3rd i didnt instead i spotted for like 3 days then on the 4th i started my period now im wondering why that happened, im afraid i wont be able to conceive because of what used to happen to mein the past, now i start my periods on the 7th and i hope next month something positive wil come out im really worried anyone to help me plz



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