period question
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voyage - November 23

Will my period coming a week early change my ovulation date??


:O) - November 23

Yes, it will change your ovulation date. Count (approx.) 14 days from the first day of your period, that should be your ovulation date. You may also want to use an opk. I noticed mine was coming around day 18, not 14. Good luck to you.


me - November 27

In my opinion, not every woman ovulates the same time every month. Not every woman ovulates exactly on day 14 or has an exact luteal phase of 14 either. If you are not already, try temping and charting your cm to get the most reliable info. I never had much luck with opks, but I noticed watery cm and the temp shift confirming that I ovulated. If you have irregular cycles, this may be the best way to help you pinpoint ovulation. Good luck!


mickey - November 27

can u get pregnant wen u r on your period?



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