Period or implantation?
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A.J. - June 7

Hello. The last period I had was may 8th. it ended may 15th. i was expecting to start anywhere from the 5th to the 8th of june. well, the afternoon of the 4th, i had some VERY light pink streaking when i wiped. Then, later that evening, i bled heavy. now, today, the 7th, i am very very light bleeding. almost like spotting or about to stop. I thought that i would bleed heavy for more than 3 days. last month, i bled heavy up until the 5th or 6th day. I have not had any kind of pains, not even period cramps. anyone know what it could be? is it normal? or could it be implantation bleeding? would a hpt show up now? any advice would be great. thank you.


kc - June 7

If your dates are right you could do an early pregnancy test to see if you are. I think implantation bleeding is very light spotting pink or brown not at all heavy. I hope you are pg but it sounds like to me it is just the start of a new cycle. Implantation occurs 6-9 days after you ovulate usually around day 20-25 of your cycle. I hope this helps.


A.J. - June 8

Thank you kc. I appreciate your reply. I just did not know for sure. Well, i started bleeding real heavy again late last night. So, i am probably not pregnant. Thank you.:)


kc - June 10

I'm sorry to hear its bad news. I'm playing the waiting game this week. I'll know for sure around the 16th. Lots of luck to you I hope you get your bundle of joy next month.


Kris - June 10

Well I hope it works out for you. I am not supposed to start until next Tuesday, but started having a little bleeding tonight. I am not sure if it's implantation or if I'm starting my period. This will be day 27 for me and I've been starting around day 30 or so. . I am hoping it will stay light, but really all my periods are pretty light. Do you think a HPT will be accurate now? Anybody have any suggestions?



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