period came again
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christina - May 10

so here i thought the lapro. and all i went through would help and thismorning i got the dreaded period and cramps, so i am soooo sad, but trying again to keep the faith and know God is watching over me and all of us. so theres always next month. thanks for letting me vent and to all who read this and listen appreciate it.


christina - May 10

it was very light so i am still holding onto that little bit of hope, ya know.


Amanda - May 10

Could you explain to me in detail what lapro is???


christina - May 10

laproscophic surgery.....they go through the belly button with a small scope to see whats wrong endometriosis, cists, etc....while in there they make another inscision or two bikini area if there is cleaning out to be done, and enhance chances of getting pregnant.


Cutie - May 10

I am so sorry to hear that Christina, I know how stressfull that is. I will pray for you because, like you already mentioned GOD IS IN CHARGE, He sees desires of our hearts, and He will bless us soon, very soon Christina, may God bless you with all you need especially BABY... LOTS OF LOVE, Cutie


christina - May 11

thanks cutie! appreciate the kind words!


Pinkywantsbaby - May 11

Hi Christina! I also had a Laproscopy and Hysteroscopy done in Dec 2004. Still waiting for my miracle. I know the feeling were on the same boat. AF always pops up and i just sob but oh well youre right always another month to try Again! take care feel free to email me [email protected]


christina - May 11

thanks Pinky!


christina - May 11

i thought it was here, i have cramps for two days, and not to be technical but brownish pink spotting, but it hasnt come down fully yet, does this mean anything or has anyone had this and turned out pregnant?


christina - May 11

and it is three days before i am due....


Milissa - May 11

CHRISTINA>> please join my forum>>> Allright girls,new Cycle,**new forum** we all help each other through all of this...come talk! milissa


jessy - May 25

what is the history behind zygoteintrafallopian transfer? like who was it first used on?
which doctor started ?


tracy - May 28

Hope u get preg soon christina, may god bless you with a child and all of us you want to aswel.


christina - May 28

thank you tracey and baby dust to you and everyone!



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