period and pregnancy
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PJ - October 13

I have been attempting to get pregnant and I was feeling nautious so i thought maybe I was pregnant. I did just get my period though. Can you get your period and still be pregnant?


kandi - October 13

hey pj. alot of women do bleed during their pregnancy, although i dont know if it is regarded as a period. Was your period normal or was it lighter and shorter than usual? if it was lighter and shorter than usual you may be pregnant, but if it was normal and heavy there is less of a chance. im not a doctor though so if you think there is still a chance you could be you could try taking a pregnancy test. i was almost certain that i was pregnant last month. i had a fair few of the symptoms and was irritated VERY easily but then got a normal period but some of the symptoms are still there especially the moody symptom. (which was the only real symptom i had when i was really pregnant- and sore breasts which i dont have now) So now im pretty sure i was just reading too much into it. So yea, the best advice i can give is just to take a test but if your period was normal you probably arent pregnant, no harm in making sure though. good luck!!!! xx



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