Period after laparoscopy & d&c
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patriciak - February 22

I am on cd2 and getting ready to start clomid tomorrow. I had the lap. and d& c last month and my period this time was almost nothing. Does anyone know if this will effect ovulation? I am sched. for u/s at RE on cd12 and insemination after that. I don't want to waste my time or money. Please advise. Thanks.


Mega - February 23

Hi Patriciak. I'd think because you're on Clomid you'll still O as usual this cycle, at least assuming you've normally responded to Clomid in the past. Good luck with this cycle, you should have better odds post lap. I just had a lap., hystercopy, HSG & Ovarian Drilling done last Friday myself. My dr is putting me back on Clomid too next cycle & he expects I'll respond to it again since the drilling. Good luck. Keep me posted!


tina - February 23

If I were you I would use opk's this month to make sure you dont ovulate before day 12. I think the first month I was on clomid I ovulated 1 or 2 days earlier than my usual day 13 or 14. My clinic starts u/s and b/w on cd10 for clomid patients & depending where we are in size of follicles & LH levels they may make us go day to day after that back on cd 12 and then each day until we are ready to ovulate & inseminate


patriciak - February 24

Thanks ladies! I am trying not to stress myself out here. I am just so anxious for this to happen that I am second guessing everything.
Mega - I hope you have recovered from everything. The drilling doesn't sound too fun. :)
Tina - your suggestion of the opk is good and I was thinking that I should test before the u/s.



Mega - February 27

I hear ya--I'm so eager to get back into this TTC stuff too that it's hard not to 2nd guess & over analyze everything. :) I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm back to normal by now. The OD wasn't nearly as unpleasant as it sounds & if it works this time I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Good luck with this cycle & update us when you can.



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