Pergonal, trigger shot, and cost
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Georgia - November 15

I am moving to Dallas next week. This month is our last month on clomid, so if AF comes on the 24th then we have to move to the next step. We don't have insurance so we will have to pay out of pocket. I am hoping to try the pergonal injections, with or without the trigger. Does ANYONE know what we are looking at cost wise for one or two months of this treatment??? Anyone in Dallas getting treatment at the Fertility Specialists of Dallas??? Thanks in advance.


Amysince70 - November 15

I had a single trigger injection this month and it cost me $65.


slowpoke01 - November 16

u may want to go to fertility they help with some medications after you pay for some many injectibles they give u some for free. i dont use injectibles but it may be worth checking out.


Tink - November 16

I am getting treatment in Plano.....i live a block from my RE, who happens to be one of the top 10 best RE's in the country. his name is Dr. James Douglas and you can visit his site- i think it is or something. He is awesome. Plano is just north of dallas, only 15-20 minutes. I've lived in dallas all my life. my good friend also saw him and is 5 mos along now and a girl i played soccer with is a nurse there. The entire office is super sweet and truly cares. for cost of treatment with him for an IUI cycle is quite a bit out of pocket. you'll need at least 2-3 ultrasounds per cycle, at at least $200 a pop. don't know about pergonal prices, but i know follistim injections (probably close to pregonal - or at least gonal-f) can run anywhere from $500-$1500 a month depending on what dose you need and how many days worth. i did 5 nights of follistim at 100iu. i had a 600iu cartridge that Dr. Douglas gave me for free as they had 'samples' from the drug rep. so that saved me a ton! My IUIs are covered by ins (but not drugs)- and the IUI is about $400 with him. Trigger shot is about $65. hope that helps a little. not sure on lab/bloodwork costs, since my ins covers that. So try Doc Douglas- 972-612-2500. tell him MIchelle Peters referred you! I have done 3 IUIs with him now, the first 2 wiht clomid, this last one with follistim. all 3 wtih triggers. he also did a lap (personally) on me in October. i test tomorrow to see if this nov IUI worked!



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