Performance Anxiety: Please Help!
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CJ - August 4

This may be a graphic question but I need help! My DH is having performance anxiety because he feels pressure from ttc. He is having trouble staying hard and finishing the job! He's never had this before. We have tried movies to help get his mind off of ttc but he is still having trouble. I am on my first round of Clomid 50mg this cycle and am on CD16. My DH and I have BD every other day since CD11 but it is very difficult for him to "make it happen"! Anyone have any advice?


CJ - August 4

Sorry I meant to ask this in the first post. Are there any vitamins for guys that help them with this problem?


KellyN - August 4

We had this issue too, but practice makes perfect! We also discovered that if we slow down a bit it helped. May want to try different things, positions, paces, clothing, etc. Good luck!! -kelly


?? - August 4

We have the problem too.. We've decided not to talk about it and not to just have sex during that time so he hopefully won't know when the crucial time is. I'm gonna keep all that info to myself. HOPEFULLY this will work!!!!!!!!!! Good luck...


kd - August 4

I was told that if you start too soon in the bd area then the sperm dont replenish as quickly. The example i got today was that if we started day 10 every night then by day 16 it really doesnt do any good as he cannot continue making quality sperm that quickly and that long. My clinic told us to go every other night starting no sooner than day 11 with a normal cycle (28 days) and adjust for shorter and longer cycles. Sperm need that 48 hours and it gives my dh a break too. My dh also has been having the same as yours during on demand sex. It's better now that we talked about it and stopped trying every day. I started charting my temps, watching my mucous and cervix height and if OS opeining of the cervix for it to open and use opk tests. Now after doing this a few months i really know my body well and we only need to do it a few times to make it ok. My investigative cycle also told me I was bang on for reading my body. I fluctuate from cycles 23 to 28 days so i'm not regular so watching all the signs and the mucous with the opk's really tells me when we NEED to bd. hope i helped some. oh by the way i keep reading some people say bd every night but the more i read in books and now from my fertilitiy clinic we arent doing the every night thing anymore. (been there done that, didn't work)-my friend on the other hand it worked for them day 10 to day 20 every night and she is pg now after one month of trying (according to her)



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